Top 5 Easy Ways to Earn Money Online 2020

How to earn money without investment through mobile & laptop. With the growing advancements around us, it may come as no shock that people wish to earn money and increase their financial inflows using the online platform. This allows people to make money quickly and focus more on entrepreneurship and focus more on their personal lives. People often think that online revenue strategies are stringent and complex. But, like any other business venture, online money-making takes its time to grow and prosper. All it requires is some knowledge, devotion, and a lot of patience.

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Here are 5 easy ways to earn money online with and without investment: 

5. Teaching/Mentoring  ( Earn Money Online without investing)

E-Learning is gaining momentum, considering the current scenario. Students prefer learning online since it gives them the flexibility to learn at their own pace. This is where you can share your expertise and mentor/teach students a particular topic/subject you think you are good at. 

You can make money online using numerous ways, and the ones we have covered are just the tip of a vast iceberg of possibilities. You must make wise decisions while selecting the right pick for you. 

4. Creating your website ?( how to earn money online for students, Housewives, Government employees and others )

You can create your website and put your ideas into it. Blogging is a career option for several individuals out there, but it takes quite some time to have a well-established blog for a decent earning. You can create your blog on platforms like WordPress or Tumblr, or you can also opt for a self-hosted blog. 

3. Webinars and Podcasts

Another way to make money online is by hosting online webinars and podcasts. These webinars and podcasts can be monetized as per the needs of the client. The first step in the case of podcasts is finding your niche and growing your audience. The second step is finding and learning wats how you can monetize and connect with sponsors. In the case of a webinar, you can address a massive crowd on an online platform and share knowledge with them. This knowledge can be anything that you know about, and you can also sell your pitch for sales via this medium. There may be many complexities while doing these two, but it is worth it in the long run. 

2. Freelancing/Content Curation

Freelancing has been a popular source to earn money in exchange for your talent. All you need to do is create your account on a website that offers freelance tasks for various skills and take up clients based on your skillset. You can create online content in any form and get paid in return in any way. If you wish to start as a freelancer, you need to figure out your niche and network with people with similar interests and hire you. 

1. Affiliate Marketing

If you wish you come up with great ideas for your blog, you can consider affiliate marketing. Here, you can partner with several businesses and brands that will be showcased and the regular content of your website. You can link a particular service or product using a unique affiliate code, usually provided when you sign up for an affiliate program. This will help you make money anytime someone purchases a product through your link. 

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