10 Funny Wedding Fails- Epic Wedding Fails

Marriages are meant to be one of the best days in a person’s life. Lots of planning goes into this process to make this day a memorable one. But all events do not happen exactly as visualized. Here are some pics captured during weddings when things turned out differently from what was expected. We hope these funny moments really eased the burden and stress from the couple and their family’s mind. Sit back and grab a cup of coffee while scrolling through these hilarious and weird wedding moments.

10. Backdrop Failure

It seems to be the best place to take a picture. But did the photographer decide to capture all the happenings of the place?


9. Something is Itchy?

All brides want their bridesmaid in the best of best cloths. The designed dresses may not be the same for every bridesmaid. Guess there is something really uncomfortable for these girls

8. Horse Leg Disaster

Look at this epic picture. The front angle of this picture would have been a beautiful memory. But this photo makes us to take a second look clearly.

7. Not on Wedding Dress!

You might want your adorable pets to be a part of your best day in the life. But be aware that they might react differently due to the crowd and new circumstances.


6. Seventh Wheel

No one wants to be the extra wheel. His smirk looks cute enough. But sure he is experiencing unbearable pain.


5. What’s goin on there?

We guess the girls are busy seeing something on the other side. Do you also think it’s just a candid pic or is it a more planned one..?

4. Nose Cloth

The boy here is welcoming the bride to the family by his using her wedding dress train to wipe his nose. The photographer did not miss to capture this moment after she walked down the aisle

Keith Albertson

3. Turn of Events

This is what happens when the couple has decided to try out something with swing. Though it turned out to be failure, it is surely picture perfect. It shows turn of events with a lot more fun.


2. Cake Toppers

This is an interesting pic… The heads have been chopped off from these cake dolls. The couple should have accidentally beheaded their wedding cake toppers.


1. Weather misjudge

When you plan a perfect day for your wedding photoshoot, but when suddenly it turns out to be a windy day… The umbrella really stopped doing its work


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