Best South Indian Movies to Watch during Lockdown 2020

Best South Indian Movies 2020 – Let’s look at the Malayalam, Kannada and Telugu movies that were released in the last few years and can’t be missed. Though years have already passed by, still not many good South Indian films have been released this year. Let’s look at some of the best movies released so far.

Malayalam ( best south Indian movies dubbed list 2020)


Ebe (Vineeth Sreenivasan) right from his childhood is interested in flying. For Ebe who grew up watching birds and planes, everyone who crosses him are seen by him as having wings. In an effort to fly, he has broken his hands and legs many times, jumping from a high altitude. His family and the town folk who first saw him as a recluse, later start supporting him. ‘Did Ebi fly?’ is the story of the film. This movie directed by Srikanth Murali conveys a message that good dreams will always come true.

Angamaly Diaries: (imdb south indian movies 2020)

The story revolves around the lives of a few youngsters in Angamaly. People dressed like gods smoke cigarettes in a bar in the name of religious harmony and a fight starts then. The fight then reaches the street and smoking cigarette was not the actual reason for the fight. The movie starts there and Vincent Pepe (Antony Varghese), who is dressed like Jesus, is the hero. The women he meets, his friends, the problems he faces, his work and the food there in Angamaly are the things the story revolves around. But each and every frame is shot beautifully and 86 new artists have acted in this movie and the music also gives fresh feeling.

Take Off:

A group of nurses from Kerala leave for Iraq, for earning more. Feisal, the husband of one of the nurses, Samira (Parvathi) forces her to choose between work and family and the woman due to the family situation divorces her husband and leaves for Iraq. She marries Saheed , one of her coworkers. Though they went there for money, the reality in Iraq shocks them. Terrorism, rescue operations, looking for lost husband and many such interesting aspects are there in the movie, ‘Take Off’.

Rakshadhikari Baiju: ( imdb telugu movies 2020 collection )

In every village you could come across a ground . Most of us would have spent our childhood there. Kumbalam team also had connection to such a ground.. The team’s captain is Baiju (Biji Menon). The film story revolves around the annual day sports event, winning, losing and all celebrations that happens in the ground. In the end the ground owner sells it and the buyer plans to construct a hospital in that ground. They ask Baiju and other villagers to leave the ground. Baiju who comes out consoles everyone and says “for all these years we played and we stayed fit. Now we can’t play and so we will have health issues and to set right our health, we need a hospital.”

Thondimuthalum Driksakshiyum:

Prasad and Sreeja, who live in Alappuzha are in love. Since they both are from different caste, they both get married and leave the town. A bus journey changes the life of this couple. The journey pushes them into another trouble and forces them to face it. What the trouble is and what happens in the end is the story. The movie is filled with many new things and there is humor in the movie and plenty of good acting too by Fahad.


Gautamiputra Satakarni:

This movie is about Gautamiputra Satakarni, the ruler of Satavahana. Satakarni wanted to expand his kingdom. The reason is that there is always war because of there are many small nations. If all the kingdoms are brought under one rule then there won’t be any war. This thought comes to Satakarni at an early age. The wars that are waged for the unity of the nation are the main theme of the movie. This is Balakrishna’s hundredth film and he is known for portraying even dance scenes like a stunt scene. But in this movie he has acted in a very natural way, to everyone’s surprise.

Shatamanam Bhavati:

Raghavaraju (Prakash Raj) and Janaki (Jayasudha)were longing to meet their son, daughter and their grandsons who live abroad. Believing that they won’t come to see them under normal circumstances, Raghavaraju makes everyone to come to him, by saying he is going to divorce his wife. Nithya (Anupama Parameswaran) is also one among many who came to town. On seeing her Raju (Sharwanand) fell in love with her. This movie is a family entertainer with a good love story.


After coming to know that enemies have infiltrated Indian waters, the submarine S21 sets off to spy on them. Likewise the Pakistani navy plans to destroy India’s I.N.S Vikranth, because it was an hindrance to the Pakistani army from giving arms to its troops in East Pakistan now Bangladesh. Ghazi is a submarine sent by the Pakistani army to get this work done. What happens during this attack is the central theme of the story and it is a mixture of imagination and actual history. Though the graphics is not upto the mark ,the sound design is done very professionally and it gives us the feeling of being in the sea.


Guru is the remake of the Tamil movie ‘Irudhi Sutru’. Venkatesh has acted in Madhavan’s role. The movie has received the same reception it received in Tamil Nadu. For the ones who haven’t watched the movie, the coach (Venkatesh) identifies a boxer within Rameshwari(Rithika Singh) who was roaming around without any ambition and trains her. The story of the film is about how he handles her and helps her achieve in boxing.

Bahubali 2:

“Why Kattappa killed Bahubali?” everyone must have asked this question at least once. Bahubali 2 is S.S. Rajamouli’s grand reply to that question. The second part is about Bahubali’s love and the suspense that revolves around the revenge he was trying to take.

Kannada: ( best south indian movies on netflix 2020 )

Shuddhi – Urvi – Agay:

Carline, a photographer from America comes to Bangalore to find a few criminals. Jothi, a journalist fights legal battles to make punishment more severe, for those who are involved in sex related crimes. On the other hand the police are looking for criminals all over the city. The film SHUDDI is about how the three stories merge together in the end and “the movie talks about the problems faced by women” says, a famous Tamil News website.

The movie Urvi is about a Medical college student Asha, and two women Susi and Daisy in a prostitute den. The movie is appreciated for bold attempt by the director.

Agay is a remake of Maya from Tamil(Aari and Nayanthara) . Sharmila Mindhre has acted in the role played by Nayanthara and the movie has received very good response in Karnataka.

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