15 Funny Breakup Texts Funny Broken Heart Memes 2020

Best and Funny heartbreak memes for him. Breakups are a part and parcel of life. People tend to express their fear, love, and hatred in their own style and circumstances. Here we have a list of break up messages that might leave you thinking or simply just sit back and relax while flipping through our list of texts.

15. Facebook Official (broken heart memes for him)

In today’s world, making your relationship official on social media matters a lot. The same platform also seems to serve as a best medium to end the relationship. It also tells the world you are available !

14. Newspaper breakup

Having trouble in expressing your break up? Well, here we have a situation where the situation has been published in the personals column… Do you think it would have worked out ?!

13. Emojis over Words

Some breakups can make you speechless leaving you with no words to express. This is why we have emojis. It seems to work and is more convenient.

12. Coffee Love ( sad broken heart meme )

Don’t you think it is time to move on when your bae can list more things he/she likes about coffee than you? Let’s wish the person a happy relationship with his/her beverage

11. Unforgettable Delivery

Don’t you think this is the best way to break up? It is done in a private manner and on the positive side, you get a free pizza. Nothing mends the heart more like food does.

10. Above the Ground

This seems to be the best way to let her cheating husband know their breakup. It surely hurts more when the expense of the hoarding is made from a joint bank account.

9. Xbox Rivalry

When you really care more about your Xbox.. Who has your love the most? Xbox or your girlfriend?

8. The fun of AutoCorrect

Have you thought of adding a hint of humor while breaking up? Well, the autocorrect feature has done its part !!

7. Keys of Love

Wow…This must-have involved a lot of creativity. A lot goes here to display the hatred along with house keys and the ring…

6. Play with the Lyrics

This really wants us to ask the question of who is messing up with whom?

5. Strike at the Heart

Sometimes it is better to be straight to the point. Life is too short for too much of drama

4. Two Side Drama

This would be the result if you try dating and cheating two people at once. Check out the banner put up by both his girlfriends

3. Who’s in the Mirror ? (broken heart quotes)

Broken heart meme pics. It has been very clear that the dumper meant business once they used such a stunning shade of lipstick to end the relationship.

2. Which feels better? ( heartache memes )

Which text does make you worry the more? The first or the next one?
We are quite sure it is the second one… ( broken love memes )

1. Magic Trick

Who would really want to accept having a kid with someone they broke up with. Let us hope they are kidding..!!

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