Best Sweet to Eat at Adyar Ananda Bhavan

  1. Mysorepak / Carrot Mysorpak

The Mysore Palace sweet is prepared with generous amounts of rich ghee, sugar and flour with a tinge of cardamom. A2B provides the best soft mysore pak which is now available with carrot flavored in it.

  1. Moti laddus

Laddus always hold its place when it comes to mouth watering sweets in both south and north India. Laddus are made with fried gram flour, sugar and garnished with saffron giving an appetising feel.

  1. Rasamalai

This Indian subcontinent sweet is described as ‘ cheesecake without a crust’. The sugary white chhana balls soaked in malai flavoured with cardamom and saffron tastes best when chilled.

  1. Masala Kulcha

Masala Kulcha is made with soft fluffy Indian leavened bread stuffed with seasonal vegetables and masala. A2B serves this with channa or raita with butter melted on it. 

  1. Pav bhaji & Bhel puri

A2B has its own taste for its chat items like pav bhaji, bhel puri and pani puri. These are made with fried puris, chole masala, freshly cut onions, lime, sev and spices.

  1. Paneer jalebi

This fried Indian dessert is stuffed with freshly prepared paneer and soaked in sugar syrup. Paneer Jalebi is one of the best Bengali sweets offered in A2B.

  1. Chola poori

Chola poori or Chole battura which is a popular Punjabi dish is definitely a must try in A2B. The battura is fried well and served with spicy chole masala.

  1. Ghee Rava Dosa

Dosas are one of the best and tasty foods of South India served with tangy sambar and varieties of chutney. The Ghee Rava Dosa in A2B is best for its crispiness, taste and quality.

  1. Chilli parotta

A2B serves this popular street food of Tamil Nadu with flaky parottas tossed in fresh red onions, capsicums and spices. It is offered with rich dish texture and appetising spicy flavours.

  1. Basundhi 

Basundi is a very popular Indian dessert which goes by the name ‘rabri’ in North India. A2B serves you their best sweetened dense Basundhi flavoured with saffron and cardamom.

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