Top 10 Countries with Best Cuisine


Italian cuisine has evolved through the political and social changes and has been the most favourable cuisines in the world. Potatoes, tomatoes, bell peppers, maize, wine,espresso and cheese for the main ingredients of the italian dishes. When it comes to desserts Italy serves us with a variety of pastries, sweet candies, nut brittles and confetti which are often thrown at weddings.

2. Mexico

Mexican foods are basically a fusion of Spanish and Mesoamerican cooking style. The major veggies used include tomatoes, chili pepper, zucchini, spanish, vanilla, cocoa and avocados. The European touch in their dishes introduced pork and beef which are the major meat out of which their dishes are based on.

3. India

Indian cuisine is so vast and varied and is loved by most of the nations. Each state has its own style of foods. Herbs, chillies form a major part of Indian cuisine. Rice, dosa, idlis, sambar, chutney and Indian breads with hot veggies and gravies form their staple dishes. The desserts of India are heavenly good. Sugary syrups from hot jalebis, sweetened thick rabri, traditional payasams and kheer are all sure to make your mouth watering.

4. China

Chinese cuisine is one of the famous ones in the world and has influenced many other Asian cooking style. The Chinese think it’s inappropriate to use knives hence they use chopsticks to cut and eat. Rice, Wheat and Noodles for their staple food. Yue, Lu, Chuan and Huaiyang form the four traditional regional Chinese cuisines which are from the South, North, West and East areas respectively.

5. Japan

The traditional cuisine of Japan has evolved a lot due to many political and economic changes. Traditionally Japan rejected meat but due to other influences and modernization meat-based foods like tonkatsu has gained popularity. Rice with miso soup and seasonal ingredients form their staple food. Seafood are more common here and mostly fried or grilled.

6. France

Initially, French cuisine was more influenced by Italian cuisine. In later centuries France started developing their own style of cooking. Nowadays French cuisine contributes more to Western cuisines. Cheese and Wine are the major contributors to their dishes. Their traditional meal has three courses – starters (entrée), main course(plat principal), cheese course(fromage or dessert). 

7. United States

American cooking is a fusion of multiple regional cooking style which reflects its history and the European colonization in America. Beef, rum and beer also formed a major part of their cooking. Grilling and Spit roasting are the common cooking methods followed here. Seafood included cod, herring, flounder, smelt, halibut etc.

8. Thailand

Thai cuisine is known for its shunning of simplicity and juggling of disparate ingredients to get a mixed taste sense in each dish-sour, spicy, sweet, salty and bitter. This is one of the best cuisines in the world and holds most delicious dishes like pad Thai, Thai fried rice, massaman curry and green curry.

9. Spain

Spain is one of the countries with best food. Their cuisine is very varied and is highly influenced due to its history and colonial invasions. The style of cooking varies widely across different regions and encompasses cooking styles like Canarian cuisine, Basque cuisine, Balearic cuisine, Asturian cuisine, Aragonese cuisine etc.

10. Greece

The cookery style of Greece is generally based on Mediterranean cuisine. Their traditional cooking includes foods like olive oil, wine, fish, lamb, pork, rabbit, cheese, zucchini, eggplant, bread, yoghurt, veggies and herbs. The Greek desserts are mainly composed of nuts, fruits, honey with filo pastry.

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