Parking Revenge – BEST Bad Parking Revenge Pranks

Parking vehicles properly is one of the basic rules to be followed by every driver. Parking at non-parking zones or not parking within the white lines may be a common occurrence. But we need to remind ourselves that the karma returns. Here are some funny weird parking acts of revenge. Check out our list below.

10. Oh! It’s Fire ( Double & Wrong Parking Revenge )

It is one of the very basic rules to not park the vehicle in front of a fire hydrant. The concerned team of people has taken the right revenge by breaking the window panes of the car.

9. Parking Instructions

It can be really frustrating when you are not able to move your car outside when someone has blocked your driveway. This instruction pamphlet was obviously a good idea to teach a life lesson.

8. Helen Keller ( Best Bad Parking Revenge Pranks )

Helen Keller is a deaf-blind author who has inspired and is loved by a lot of people across the globe. But we got to admit that the reference made here is only for fun.

7. New Parking Spot ( Double & Wrong Parking Revenge )

In the left side picture, a bike is parked in a car parking spot.
Now take a look at the right side photo. A car is parked at the same spot. Check out the new parking spot of the bike which was parked here before !!

6. A Thank You Note

We are sure that the writer of this note got really angry. What else can we expect them to do when a car is parked blocking the pathway. A strong sarcastic thank you note had served its purpose.

5. Sticker Slapping

Sticker slapping is a street art where messages are put out to the public in the form of stickers. This bad parker has been taught a lesson with this sticker tagging.

4. Garbage Attack

This revenge must have taken a lot of effort. No one would have seen this coming. The car driver is gonna have a hell of a time to clear this mess.

3. Lifted Truck

We don’t understand why it is so difficult to park their vehicles within the white lines. The truck here has been parked diagonally which restricts other vehicles from parking beside it. The white car has taken sweet revenge by parking in such a way that now the truck cannot be moved…

2. Sweet Revenge

This is one of the best ways to get back at the car driver and stay anonymous. The note on its first look seems innocent till you read the exact words. It would have surely triggered the anger for the car driver

1. Foodie Attack

This revenge was made to make sure the driver does not take this parking spot in the future. A little note has been placed mentioning the same.
But if you are wondering what is smeared on the rear glass, it is peanut butter… Yes!! Missing your loaf of bread ?!

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