Top 10 widely spoken language in the world 2020

Today’s world has lots of means to establish communication between people. Language is the most prime factor to communicate and express thoughts and feelings among people. Languages are so diversified each one having different dialects. It has been found that there are nearly 7400 languages that are being spoken across the globe. So here we have got you something interesting about these languages. The following are the most popular and widely spoken languages in the world. Is your language in the list? Check out!


Portuguese is widely spoken in many states like Cape Verde, Angola, Brazil, Mozambique. It is the official language of Portugal and is also spoken in few parts of Asia and Sri Lanka. It is the fourth most learned language in the world and is also regarded as the descendent of Latin.

Number of Speakers: Over 262 million


French being one of the common languages is considered as the most romantic language. The language has its origin from Indo-European Roman Empire. French is the official language of France. It is also spoken in countries like Belgium, Switzerland, Monaco and few parts of Canada. In a Forbes report it has been noted that there would be more than 720 million people speaking French by 2050.

Number of Speakers: Over 272 million


Malay is spoken in Indonesia and Malaysia (Indonesian and Malaysian). Indonesia is the sixth most populated country in the world and hence the popularity of the language. There are many dialects of the language amongst which Indonesian is popular.

Number of Speakers: Over 281 million


Like Hindi, Bengali also has Ind-Aryan origin. Bengali is the official language of Bangladesh. It is also the second-most spoken languages in India since it is spoken in Bengal which is one the most densely populated state in India. The national anthem of India also holds few words in Bengali. It is also spoken in few parts of Assam and Tripura. The language shares its resemblance with Hindi and Sanskrit.

Number of Speakers: Over 300 million


Russian is one of the most commonly spoken languages in the world. It is the official language of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus. There are nearly 280 million people speaking this language apart from Russia. It is also one of the official languages of United Nations. It is one of the easiest languages to speak.

Number of Speakers: Over 340 million


Hindi is the official language of India which is the most densely populated country in the world. Hindi has an Indo-Aryan origin and is also spoken by a large number of immigrants who have been settled in European and American nations. The language is very similar to Urdu and so it is considered as one of the widely spoken languages in the world.

Number of Speakers: Over 380 million


Arabic is one of the oldest languages which being spoken since 6th century. It is the official language of the Arab Nations which includes Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Syria, Kuwait and also Egypt. The language became so popular that it was made one of the official languages of the United Nations in 1974.

Number of Speakers : Over 490 million


Spanish is one of the oldest languages in the world that are being spoken in Spain and American nations. It is also regarded as a Romance language. It is quite similar to English share many words like tornado and bonanza. Nearly 35% of UK businesses claim that Spanish fluency helps their organization.

Number of Speakers: Over 500 million


The international language holds the second rank among the most spoken languages in the world. The language is over 1400 years old and is the national language of more than 60 states including US, UK, Canada, Australia. It is also spoken in Africa and South-Asian Nations.

Number of Speakers : 850 million


No wonder China being the highly populated country has the most commonly spoken language in the world. Mandarin is the official language of China and Taiwan. It includes the standard Chinese and is also one of the official languages of Singapore. It is also spoken in United Nations, Canada and Indonesia. 

Number of Speakers : Over 1.2 billion

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