Top 7 Affordable Small Towns in the US with Fast Internet in 2020

Best 7 Towns in the US for Remote Working with Fast Internet Connectivity

With the current scenario across the globe, people are pushed to work from homes. While working from home may sound comfortable, but you may face issues with internet connectivity, or maybe the environment may get too distracting. To keep up with your work, you may wish to move into peaceful and quiet places-small towns. Although, in the small cities, you may notice that high-speed internet is one of the key factors in growth and prosperity. So, we have a list of 10 towns, where you can experience cutting-edge internet connectivity at reasonable prices. 

7. Mitchell, South Dakota

Mitchell is a small city located all the way out in the region of South Dakota. The weather in this place may not be suitable, but they have many brilliant tourist attractions. Their broadband connectivity is a little expensive compared to the others, but it is worth it since it is located in South Dakota. 

Available internet speed: 1GB down/1GB up

Price: $170 per month 

6. Molalla, Oregon

When you think of living in a small town, you fear you may have to go to the nearest city for internet connectivity. In Molalla, you get high-speed connectivity for all kinds of users in a town of more than 15,000 people. 

Available internet speed: 1GB down/1GB up

Price: $100 per month

5. Flora, Mississippi 

Flora is a one-street town that gives a timeless feeling. You can drive from one end to the other in just a small amount of time. The only thing about getting a broadband connection in Flora is that you have to sign a two-year contract, and then you are good to go. 

Available internet speed: 1GB down/1GB up

Price: $80 per month

4. Nakina, North Carolina

North Carolina is one of the most connected states in the USA. Nakina is a small town which is less than an hour away from Myrtle Beach. Although this town is not much populated, it enjoys high-speed internet connectivity majorly from the ATMC operators. 

Available internet speed: 1GB down/ 1GB up

Price: Starting at $80

3. French Settlement, Louisiana

French settlement is a small town famous for two things, Baton Rouge Grit and high-speed broadband connectivity. Eatel primarily provides internet connectivity in this beautiful town. 

Available Internet Speed: 1GB down/1GB up

Price: $150 per month 

2. University Park, Iowa

University Park is a former university town with incredible broadband speeds available thanks to the Mahaska Communication group. It offers internet at a very affordable price. 

Available Internet Speed: 1000mbps down/1000mbps up

Price: $50 per month

1. Preston, Washington

Preston is a small town located in King County; a 20 miles drive from Seattle East. You can also ride a bike from the Cascades to Preston with the overwhelming mountains in the backdrop. Here the internet connectivity is high-speed and relatively cheap.

Available Internet Speed: 1000mbps down / 100mgps up

Price: $70 per month

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