How to Buy Bitcoins in large amounts in 2020

Buy bitcoin high limit – Do you wish to buy bitcoins in large amounts, but unsure how to do so? You have come to the right place! Bitcoins started to go in the spotlight in 2017 when the media coverage started attracting many traders. They wished to expand their business in the cryptocurrency domain and thus contributed to the growing demand of the marketplaces to buy large amounts of Bitcoins. Although purchasing huge quantities of Bitcoin is quite different when compared to the regular exchange. Let us help you understand how you can make this process easier. 

There are majorly two ways in which you can buy Bitcoins in large Amounts 2020:

  1. By using OTG exchanges
  2. By using Trading Platforms

But the question here is, which way is more secure and easy for you. To make things more transparent, let’s discuss these methods. 

OTG Exchanges

OTG exchanges, also known as over-the-counter exchanges, have enabled traders and clients to buy bitcoins in a hassle-free way. Here, OTC brokers supply high volumes of Bitcoins faster than the traditional method. 

Here are a few benefits of opting for OTG exchanges: 

1. Value for money  ( buy bitcoin high limit )

Conventional transactions are not capable of providing higher levels of liquidity as compared to OTG brokers. OTG brokers help you access a single price for one buy order. This enables that there is no slippage, and the total transaction cost is lower. 

2. Higher limits

On conventional exchanges, you usually have to face lower transaction limits, and this can be avoided if you opt for OTG brokers. These brokers specialize in high-volume, big trades where you can place trades more than $50,000USD or $100,000USD. 

3. Faster trading 

How to cash out millions in bitcoin – Large orders usually take a long time to be filled. There’s insufficient liquidity, and it may take days to get your order placed. OTG trading makes sure that all your transactions are completed in a short time. 

4. Opt for a Trusted Broker

If you are still unsure about trusting bitcoin exchange to safely manage your funds, opt for a reputed OTG broker since you may feel more comfortable dealing with them. 

Traditional Platforms

Traditional kinds of exchanges are usually preferred if you wish to carry out large transactions. This method allows you to buy enormous amounts of Bitcoin quickly. 

Here are a few benefits of traditional platforms: 

1. Easy to use

The conventional exchanges are simple and straightforward if you wish to purchase coins and tokens. If you are new and unfamiliar with the cryptocurrency environment, these platforms provide more natural ways to buy coins and tokens. 

2. Can often buy with fiat currency

Most platforms offer crypto-to-crypto trading, but you can also purchase bitcoins directly with your fiat currency. This way, you can enter the marketplace efficiently and start trading. 

3. Trade up to $100,000USD per day

These platforms have flexible transaction limits, and you can buy up to $100,000USD per day. 

4. Access to a wide range of coins and tokens

Many traditional platforms allow you to trade an extensive range of coins and tokens apart from bitcoins. 

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