Top 10 Best Apps to Boost Business Productivity in 2020

The Internet has penetrated our world in ways we cannot count. It is changing the way how we deal with business. Growth is expected when we talk about business. No matter which industry you belong to, you must have specific tools and applications that enable you to run your business successfully and smoothly. You can perform all sorts of tasks that involve automating them, staying organized, and streamlining your activities, increasing your company’s overall productivity. 

Here are 10 applications that will undoubtedly deliver outstanding results for you and your business: 

10. Expensify

Expensify allows you to manage your expenses on the go. You can track mileages, scan receipts, and get information related to currency conversion around the globe. 

Many tools can help you boost your productivity, but you need to select the one that suits your requirements. You can check their basic plannings and try their trial versions for better insights. 

9. Slack

Slack offers real-time conversations amongst the people and teams working in an organization. You can group or select teams into a single chat room where you can announce, discuss, or have more informal chats. You also have social media integrations to market your company in a better way. 

8. Zapier

Zappier allows you to connect apps for your business. You can sync all applications such as Gmail, Slack, and Dropbox. Instead of switching between apps, you can easily access them from a single platform and hence save your time. 

7. Trello

While using Trello, you can create boards and drag tasks in between the steps. The UI is excellent, and hence you can easily track your progress. Other features include prioritizing tasks, adding attachments, messaging, and assign tasks to people. 

6. Todoist

Todoist helps you manage your time effortlessly. You can use gestures to start any new tasks and click them off once they are done. This app is excellent for teams where you can assign tasks to your team, set deadlines, add details, and check your progress. 

5. Focus@will

Focus@will is an ideal app for people who work in open office settings. It provides a personalized sound profile based on the type of work you do. It tailors music which pumps you and makes you more productive and focused. 

4. focuses on organizing your tasks and perfectly managing communications. You can maintain a clear timeline for each project you are managing, and you can store any relevant information/documents on it. 

3. OneNote

In case you are a business owner looking for a platform to compile information from multiple projects in one platform, OneNote should be your choice. It has a notebook layout that helps you in breaking your projects into more straightforward sections. 

2. Basecamp

Basecamp is a communication tool that offers you to manage the whole process by creating a to-do list and has other features like a message board, threads, scheduling, saving files, and a “campfire” chat for team communication. 

1. Asana

This tool integrates a goal-setting feature where you can schedule a deadline. Here you can create projects, make your own goals, and manage each step of the process. Asana provides the option of creating different boards where you can shift your tasks and communicate with your team. 

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