Top 10 best virtual reality games in 2020

10.VR Urban Commando

This is a simple shooting game with a unique military war theme for your phone. The gamer is equipped with weapons like sniper guns and other assault weapons to shoot the enemies dead. It features the modern war zones with thrilling games that amaze you with good sound effects and intelligent weapon controls.

9.Lamper VR Firefly Rescue 

Get started for your adventurous journey as a little lightning bug in a dangerous world. Explore the greeneries and fiery chambers as you make through this journey finding new friends and defeating enemies using fireballs and powerups. The game comes with 5 firefly characters and high-quality sound effects ensuring an amazing VR experience.

8.Vanguard V

Vanguard V is a rail shooter game designed for virtual reality. This action game will be an adventurous journey from the orbit of a planet to the core skimming the ocean waters and diving through the tunnels to examine the source of a parasite infestation. The app gives you an amazing VR experience with a celebration of control and amazing music.

7.Tuscany Dive

Explore the really simple creative and imaginary environment with Tuscany Dive. You will be in need of a really powerful smartphone to enjoy a live graphical experience which may otherwise increase the frame suffer rate The gamer can use a controller to move by looking on the ground to activate the auto-walk.


In Mind, VR is a short venturing game for your android phone. The game is also playable without any special viewer. The game starts with the player taking a journey into the human brain exploring each neuron and cell. The idea of the game is to find the cause of a mental disorder during this venture. The game is very simple, interesting and works great with Google cardboard.

5.Lost in the Kismet

Lost in the Kismet is the first of its kind in room escape VR game for android. Players can interact with the scene without touching the screen and solve the puzzle found in each mysterious room. The gamer needs to just stare at the objects in the room to interact with the game scenes.

4.VR Fantasy

Get ready to solve the puzzles with your mighty sword. The game is designed to explore an old fortress and reach its exit by defeating all the combat dangerous enemies on the way. The player can explore different weapons in various stages of the game and use them for breaking boxes and entering dungeons. VR Fantasy expands its fantasy world giving users a more immersive experience.

3.House of Terror VR 

House of Terror is a puzzle game where the player roams in a dark house searching for clues to solve the puzzle. The game is filled with many traps and monsters and needs the player to solve the puzzles without getting caught.

2. VR X Racer 

VR X racer is an addictive racing game. The goal is to reach the target without colliding with any obstacles. The player has to ride within the tracks not hitting the walls and collect power-ups. The app features realistic racer stunts and a powerful 3D environment with appropriate music tracks

1.Zombie Shooter VR 

This game has gained popularity and has recorded nearly 5000K downloads. The idea of the game is to escape from the blood-sucking zombies by using powerful weapons. The player can stare at the weapon to choose them and can interact similarly with the game scenes. There will be no need of touching the screen and requires VR glasses headset for more life experience.

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