Top 10 Most Used Accounting Softwares in the UAE 2020

Free Accounting Software for Small Business in UAE – There are numerous business management and accounting software available for business owners in the UAE to make a choice. Some of them find it extremely exhausting, searching for the best business software out there. There are different software for different needs. Note that branding is not essential in all cases. Sometimes an unfamiliar brand can provide you better features based on a user’s suitability. 

What is Accounting Software?

It is rightly said that success doesn’t come easy. To keep track of your business’s success, you must have accounting software. This helps you track your business’s economic health by industrializing financial control in the UAE’s commercial environment, thus enabling you to manage your accounting activities in a hassle-free manner. 

Here’s the list of top 10 Accounting software in the UAE:

10. IFS ERP:  ( free accounting software for small business in uae 2020 )

IFS ERP is easy to run and implement and can be upgraded with business expansion. It is available as both server-based and cloud-based packages in the UAE. 

We see that most of the accounting software is not economical and hard to understand. Thus, the above software can help you track and supervise your expenditures accurately and certainly lower your tax bill. 

9. Epicor ERP & Cloud ( Top 10 accounting software UAE, Dubai )

The Epicor ERP software is hardware friendly, easy to use, and scalable. In contrast, Epicor Cloud ERP can be easily deployed and can manage operations, orders, and resources on a single platform. 

8. Exact MAX ERP ( simple accounting software in uae )

Top 10 accounting software UAE

This platform allows SMEs to move into the digital ERP environment. It has integrated support for manufacturing processes and can easily integrate with Microsoft Dynamics GP and Intuit QuickBooks.

7. Intacct

Intacct is a SaaS financial management scalable platform that requires minimal installation and is available at an affordable price.

6. Microsoft Dynamics AX ( offline accounting software use Dubai )

This software is highly used by all SMEs and delivers a user-friendly package that allows an extensive support network. Thus this provides scalable solutions to all kinds of business management needs. 

5. Tally ERP 9

Tally ERP 9 has an extensive set of business management functions in several variants that are configured for any specific purpose, user, or a business type. These functions include tax records, audit support, multi-location services, etc. It allows a user to have robust connectivity to keep records up to date from different locations. 

4. Sage ERP

Are you seeking an alternative to traditional ERP solutions? Sage ERP is the right choice that has a simplified ERP-type software structure along with a cloud-based subscription service that can be used on any browser. It offers advanced functionality to its users and has a version where users are given the option of installing the infrastructure of their choice and customizing it according to their business needs. 


The software giant SAP has produced several solutions for business management, and SAP ERP is one of them. They have over 50 thousand customers and support over 37 languages. Their business solutions range from human resource management to core finance functions and product planning, and much more. 

2. ZOHO 

ZOHO is an FTA approved platform in the UAE that allows you to connect with every aspect of the programs used by millions of people. They have a flexible cloud platform that enables you to seamlessly store your data, whether you are using Google Drive, Dropbox, or any possible cloud storage platform you can think of. You stay connected with your work via any device you have, and you can multitask and handle things like sales, billing, payments, banking, etc. Their newly added VAT integration allows you to track VAT and avoid any expensive penalties. 

1. Quickbooks Accounting Software

It has a user-friendly interface along with an intuitive operation that is easy to learn. The solutions provided by this software are pre-configured according to the changing industries and their needs. This is majorly used by mid-sized companies and large businesses to benefit from this software. 

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