Top 5 Advantage and Disadvantage of Artificial Intelligence

Pros and Cons of AI. There are several emerging technologies in today’s digital era. Artificial intelligence seems to be one of the most promising technologies. According to Gartner, organizations that have integrated AI into their systems have seen a growth from 4 to 14% between 2018 and 2019. AI serves several advantages to all the different types of industries and helps them in digital transformation. Here are a few Advantages and Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence.

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence

5. Fewer errors, more accuracy

Systems that use AI make decisions based on previously stored data. When this data is combined with algorithms, the chances of errors are reduced. This way, complex problems can be solved quickly. This solution is primarily used by businesses to interact with their users. 

Fewer errors and more accuracy in artificial intelligence

4. AI can perform repetitive tasks and doesn’t tire off

AI performs the same tasks multiple times in a short period compared to human beings. Repetitive jobs can get monotonous, and people usually get tired of it. But with AI, all these tasks can be managed with ease. 

3. A natural aid for daily chores

AI has made a significant impact on our lives. Every possible thing you can think of is machine-managed and is made simple for humans in the 21st century. From food to clothing to everything you see around, you are made easy by just a smart device in your hands. 

2. Make decisions rationally

One of the benefits of using AI in decision-making is that it makes decisions based on logic and not emotions. We, humans, tend to gibe into emotions while making individual decisions, and this can be made easy by merely integrating AI into your decision-making system. 

1. Medical applications

This is by far the most valuable domain where AI has flourished. Nowadays, medical professionals are trained by using Artificial Surgery simulators, and they access their patients with the help of AI-based solutions. This helps in early detection of the ailment, and thus, treatment can be provided right away. 

Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence 2020 – Cons of Artificial Intelligence

5. It is expensive

It is stipulated that Artificial Intelligence comes with a high cost, and it is accurate because it is a complex machine. Along with the installation cost, repair and maintenance are also quite expensive. Since it is software-based, it needs regular up-gradation to mould with the change in the environment of the machine.

4. No human-like behavior

disadvantages of artificial intelligence A machine can never replicate human values. They can be rational, but they are inhuman since they do not possess any emotions. They may make decisions that may not be ethical or legal, and because of this, we cannot rely wholly on AI to make decisions. 

3. Doesn’t improve with experience – Cons of Artificial intelligence 2020

AI systems can’t be improved with experience. They tend to perform the same function if no further command is given. So, with time this can lead to wearing off the software. They cannot alter their responses if there is an environmental change, and sometimes you may feel that there is no sense of belonging while working with AI machines. 

2. AI isn’t for creativity 

Creativity is a human only feature that machines are incapable of doing. Although AI does help design and create, these machines can never match the human level of creativity. 

1. Unemployment

Implementing AI in big organizations means machines are taking over human beings. They perform the tasks which were previously handled by humans. This results in unemployment.

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