Top 5 Best Help-Desk Software in the USA 2020

It is natural that with time, your business will grow. Initially, it is quite easy to handle your customer-related issues. But as the business booms, the internal and external help requests keep piling up. This creates the need for a reliable help desk software for your company. The software helps you deal with customer complaints and inquiries from a single platform for all the various customer support channels. Here’s a list of the 5 Best help desk software available in the USA. 

5. Freshservice

Freshservice is a desk service software by Freshdesk and is suitable for both small businesses and enterprises. It provides any company with a scalable and robust service based on the domain. A free trial is available in case you wish to try this platform. 

Quick Features: 

  • Risk detection 

It detects risks and problems based on past and present events using technologies like AI and ML. Here, the repetitive issues are taken in, and potential problems are detected. 

  • ITIL-compliant

Freshservice complies with ITIL standards, i.e., all the tickets are defined, and processes are automated in certain areas. This way, your service desk runs smoothly.

4. LiveAgent

LiveAgent has a comprehensive feature set with multi-channel support, live chat, social media management, and email management. This is a scalable app that can be used by small businesses as well as enterprises. 

Quick Features:

  • Multi-channel support. 

Multiple channels can be handled on a single platform. This way, you can interact with customers who contact you via live chats, emails, or social media channels. 

  • Unified inbox

You can quickly scan new and urgent tickets as all the customer emails are consolidated in the application. 

  • Customized workflows. 

This platform provides customized workflows because of the open API that is well documented, and hence you can tweak functions as per your requirements. 

3. Salesforce Service Cloud

Salesforce service cloud allows you to build customer loyalty by unifying client data across all the departments and give you a single integrated system. 

Quick Features: 

  • The complete customer service solution

It provides complete customer service with features like case management, telephony integration, knowledge base authoring, omnichannel routing, and real-time business insights.

  • Pre-built business apps 

You can access business apps and tools with ease using the AppExchange marketplace. 

2. Freshdesk

Freshdesk is an end-to-end help desk whose UI is user-friendly. It has several features that will help you manage your time more efficiently and have added tools that help you manage other chores. 

Quick Features: 

  • Mobile apps. 

It is a robust mobile app with SaaS. Hence, you can carry your data with you and use it anywhere with internet connectivity. 

  • Time tracking. 

You can keep track of agent performance to analyze the quality of your customer service.

  • Configurable ticketing automation. 

Tickets are managed and sorted automatically and routed to the respected agent based on rules and workflows. 

1. Zendesk

Zendesk has features like multi-channel support, advanced reporting, analytics, and flexible ticketing management. You can build communities based on the knowledge base. This app serves the needs of a small business as well as established enterprise requirements. 

Quick Features: 

  • Communities

Zendesk provides you a platform where you can interact with communities. You are also allowed to host communities, and they can be categorized based on any topic or theme. 

  • Out-of-the-box Integration

This platform offers more than 100 ready to use integrations that connect the application to other business solutions like sales force automation, CRM, cloud storage, and productivity apps. 

  • Multi-channel support 

It offers multi-channel support, i.e., you can manage all the apps, chats, emails, or social media on a single platform without switching. 

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